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Electric Golf Cars – How Students Can Work with Them

Usability of Golf Carts for Student Jobs:

Sustainable, Conscious Choice: The Yamaha electric golf cart is easy to handle, eco-friendly, and can be used for various tasks, even seasonally, in parks, festivals, markets, or places where the terrain is difficult and inaccessible by car.

Eases Work: The golf cart is suitable for both personal and cargo transport, making it easier and faster for workers to move around, thereby increasing efficiency.

Operation and Efficiency

Quick and Easy Charging: The electric golf cart can be charged from a standard 230-volt outlet extremely easily and quickly, being ready for use again in just 2-3 hours. Electric propulsion is environmentally friendly, quiet, and extremely cost-effective. There are no fuel costs, and the long-term operating and maintenance costs result in significant savings.

Increasing Employee Motivation: Driving and working with the golf cart can be an enjoyable experience for a student worker, as it offers an easy way to earn money, whether it's transporting people or objects.

Quick Return on Investment - Student Work Series

Japanese Quality: Yamaha has earned a global reputation for its high-quality, reliable products. The technology and durability of premium category golf carts imported from Japan guarantee long life and excellent performance.

Support at Every Moment: Our customer service and service network are always at your and your company's disposal. If you have any questions or problems, our expert team provides quick and efficient support. Whether it's about purchasing or long-term rental, our offerings can be tailored flexibly, just like our cars, to be the most suitable for your company.

Let's Review the Benefits and Opportunities:

- Quick Charging, approximately 3 hours, and they can transport and work with it all day.

- Quiet, doesn't disturb other commuters with its sound or smell.

- Can assist in various tasks: touring parks, festivals, or multi-day events, transporting and supervising people and equipment.

- Increases workers' enthusiasm, loyalty, and efficiency.

- Environmentally friendly Japanese technology, maintenance-free battery and motor!

Recommended Type for Student Jobs

- Quick Charging, approximately 3 hours, and they can work all day with it for 2-300 Ft.

- 8-seater version for quick transportation of people.

- 5-seater version with a 100x60cm platform for quick movement of people and objects.

- 2-seater version with a large 100x140cm, 200kg load capacity platform for moving equipment.

- Can transport boxes, bags, barrels, tools, and anything needed.

- Can be customized with a warehouse-specific design and superstructure for an additional fee.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what life is like with a Golf:

Here you can see the golf carts suitable and available for student jobs:

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