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Electric Golf Cars - Usability in the Vicinity of Sports Fields

Golf Cars for Better Sports Performance:

Sustainable, Conscious Choice: Yamaha electric golf cars emit no harmful emissions, making them suitable for use around athletes with no unpleasant noise or odor. They can be used for various tasks on sports fields, stadiums, or in their vicinity.

Facilitates Work: In sports fields or between them, workers or athletes can move more easily and quickly, increasing efficiency. Due to its design, it can be easily loaded, and entry and exit are quick, whether for personnel or cargo transportation.

Operation and Efficiency

Quick and Easy Charging: An electric golf car can be charged in just 2-3 hours, making it quickly ready for use. Electric propulsion is not only quiet and environmentally friendly, but also extremely cost-effective, and there is no need to account for fuel costs. Low operating and maintenance costs result in significant long-term savings.

Increasing Employee Motivation: If sports equipment needs to be transported or athletes, staff, or guests need to be transported between the clubhouse, locker rooms, and sports fields, the golf car can be an ideal choice. It can also assist in transporting injured athletes, possibly on a stretcher.

Quick Return on Investment - Sports Field Series

Japanese Quality: Yamaha has gained a global reputation for its high-quality, reliable products. Premium category golf cars imported from Japan feature sophisticated technology and durability, guaranteeing a long lifespan and excellent performance.

Support at Every Moment: Our customer service and service network are always available to you and your sports club. Our expert team provides quick and efficient support, whether it's about purchasing or long-term rental. Our offerings can be flexibly tailored to suit your sports club, business, or company.

Let's Review the Benefits and Opportunities:

- Quick Charging, about 3 hours and can transport and work with it all day.

- Quiet, doesn't disturb workers and athletes.

- Assists in sports facility operations: transporting athletes and guests, patrolling fields, transporting sports equipment, maintenance work.

- Increases the motivation, loyalty, and efficiency of workers and athletes.

- Environmentally friendly, faultless Japanese technology, maintenance-free battery and motor!

Recommended Type for Sports Facility Work

- Fast charging, about 3 hours and can work all day for 2-300 Ft.

- 8-person model for quick transportation of individuals.

- 5-person model with a 100x60cm platform for quick transportation of people and objects.

- 2-person model with a large 100x140cm, 200kg load capacity platform for moving equipment, boxes, bags, barrels, tools, and anything else.

- Can be customized for warehouse needs with additional features, at an additional cost.

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