Site security

Electric Golf Cars - Usability in Site Security

Golf Cars in Security Work:

Sustainable, Conscious Choice: The sustainability of Yamaha electric golf cars is cost-effective, emits no harmful emissions, and can be applied to various tasks at a site, such as patrolling larger areas, moving between warehouse buildings, or in their vicinity.

Makes Work Easier: The participants in site security can move more easily and quickly, thereby increasing efficiency. Thanks to its electric drive, it is much quieter than an internal combustion vehicle, and its design facilitates quick entry and exit.

Operation and Efficiency

Fast and Easy Charging: The electric golf car can be charged in just 2-3 hours, making it quickly ready for use. Its electric drive is not only quiet and environmentally friendly but also results in significant long-term savings due to low operating and maintenance costs.

Increased Employee Motivation: If guards need to patrol large areas or if employees need to carry heavy objects within the site, our golf cars can speed up the process while supporting good morale, thereby reducing turnover.

Quick Return on Investment - Site Security Series

Japanese Quality: The Yamaha name guarantees quality through its reliable products. The premium-grade golf cars imported from Japan come with sophisticated technology and durability, ensuring long life and excellent performance.

Support at All Times: Our customer service and service network are always at your company's disposal. Our expert team provides quick and efficient support for any questions or issues, whether it's purchasing or long-term leasing. Our range can be flexibly adapted to meet your company's needs.

Let's Review the Benefits and Opportunities:

- Fast Charging: About 3 hours of charging allows for all-day use, but if not in use, it can be charged immediately.

- Assists in Facility Operations: Tasks such as patrolling, warehouse inspection, site checks, and movement between buildings can be carried out more efficiently.

- Increases Employee Motivation, Loyalty, and Efficiency.

- Error-Free Japanese Technology, Maintenance-Free Battery and Motor! Quiet Operation, Cost-Effective Sustainability.

Recommended Type for Site Work

- Fast Charging: About 3 hours of charging allows for all-day use, but if not in use, it can be charged immediately.

- Does not Disturb Workers, as it is Quiet. Compact Design for Easy Maneuverability.

- 2-Person Model, Large 100x140cm Platform with 200kg Capacity for Moving Equipment.

- Can Transport Boxes, Bags, Barrels, Tools, and Anything Needed.

- Available in Customized Configurations and Structures to Suit Site Needs, at an Additional Cost.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what life is like with a Golf:

Here you can have a look at the golf carts available and suitable for guarding the site:

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