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Why Can a Golf Cart Be Useful for Your Rental Apartment or Holiday Home?

Advantages for Apartment Renters:

No More Distance Barrier: The golf cart allows for seamless transportation both on paved roads and grassy areas. Therefore, if your apartment is farther from the beach or landmarks, a golf cart can eliminate this disadvantage, making renters more likely to choose you. Would you do the same?

Hot Cars: Golf carts have fully open sides and take up only one-third of the space of a car. It's very comfortable and cool to travel with them, requiring much smaller parking spaces. They can easily run errands to the store, bakery, beach, restaurant, practically anywhere. Feel free to click on the individual golf cart pages, check out the specifications, and select the rental date, or purchase your dream golf cart!

Loved by Renters

Give as a Gift to Your Apartment: When people rent apartments and see that a golf cart is included during the rental period, their eyes will surely light up, and they'll start thinking about the idea. How would you decide when seeing such an offer? I'd love it. You can include the cost in the accommodation fee. Renters will surely spread good word about you!

Earn Extra Money with It: The situation is the same as before, but in this case, it's not automatically included with the reservation. They see that a golf cart can be optionally rented alongside the accommodation. If it's there next to the apartment, anyone's eyes could light up. You can charge up to 50,000 Ft for a one-week rental. You can even make triple returns if you want to charge by the hour.

Quick Return for You

Today's Trends and Giving More Mindset: Electric golf carts are trendy, eco-friendly, compact, open, and can accommodate 5-6 people. Seeing such a service, people will pay attention to you and are likely to love it. It's not an everyday experience that you can offer to your renters alongside accommodation. This trend is expected to spread more and more. According to our plans, people will actively seek out Golf Cart Apartments. Be among the first.

Furthermore, they are considered environmentally friendly solutions, as they produce no emissions, and they don't disturb either people or hotel guests, thereby enhancing the place's prestige.

Let's Review the Benefits:

- Quick and affordable charging, takes about 3 hours and costs 200 Ft.

- Your renters don't have to walk to the beach, so you can gain a competitive advantage.

- Your guests can use it to go to restaurants, the beach for ice cream. That's cool.

- Raises the standard of your apartment. You'll be trendy. It increases rental interest at your place.

- You can rent it out for money, thus gaining extra income!

- Flawless Japanese technology, maintenance-free battery, and motor.

- Your apartment will be listed on the soon-to-launch website.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what life is like with a Golf:

Here you can check the golf cars that are currently suitable and available for you:

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